We are united by a shared passion for inquiry and excellence in our respective endeavours

Avanquest is made up of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, support specialists and so many more roles… We are young and not so young… but we all share a passion for making cool products that our customers love.

Our Vision

With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, Avanquest Software is one of the world’s 5 leading consumer software developers, experienced in addressing local market requirements in each region.
HQ in Montreal, Canada

Our head office is in Montreal, Canada. We have over 150 of our people are based here.

Our focus Is consumer software

We focus on building consumer software with a strong recurring component.

Distribution increases our reach

We own and operate a large software distribution network and platforms that augment our reach.

Avanquest is a division of Claranova

We are owned by Claranova, a publicly listed company with a market capitalization of $630M.

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What We Do

Avanquest has a broad product range enabling it to serve multiple customer audiences. As a major Internet and software publishing player, we focus on sectors where needs are growing and ubiquitous.
Valerie Sekla

“Since my first day at Adaware, I have been able to grow in my field and to help others achieve their professional goals. Adaware has provided me with extensive opportunities and a solid basis on which to cultivate my career."

Valérie Sekla - Project Manager & CS Lead
Cristian Avram

"Nothing beats the feeling of continuously being challenged, while still feeling happy doing your job and enjoying the fruits of your hard work, the appreciation of your teammates."

Cristian Avram - Director

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